Construction workers wear high visibility clothing to make themselves visible on construction sites and keep them safe. Features such as neon colors and reflective patches make the garment hard to miss. I decided to take this design approach to its limit and make something impossible to miss : a 9 foot tall pair of construction pants.
My process required creating a custom made pattern for a 9 foot long pair of pants. Afterwards, I made small, 8 inch wide samples of my final fabric to calculate the amount of yardage required to weave the piece. Estimating to around 300 yards of webbing, I then wove, on a four harness floor loom, four 10 foot panels made of webbing, thin cord, and cellophane.
The final result was a pair of pants so large that loomed over everyone in the room. Strung from the ceiling using bungee cords, the pants created an unsettling presence.

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