I was tasked with the mission to create an innovative grain pattern that would be embossed on their new material, Zoa™. Zoa™ is Modern Meadow's first bio-fabricated materials brand inspired by leather. It is the company’s premiere range of materials constructed using nature’s essential protein, collagen.
When working on this project, Zoa™ was still in the research and development phase and not yet commercially available. During my time at Modern Meadow, I worked alongside scientists, researchers, and engineers. I got to take a peek into their world and was inspired by the multidisciplinary environment. For design inspiration, I began to look at collagen from a nano scale and the natural patterns the structures created.
DESIGN : Modern Meadow designs cells at the DNA level to create tailored micro-organisms that produces essential proteins.
GROW : Through fermentation, their newly designed cells are multiplied into billions of collagen-producing cell factories. These collagen proteins become the building blocks of their materials.
ASSEMBLE : Depending on desired performance and design, Modern Meadow utilizes proteins in a variety of compositions to create a range of material properties. Their proteins are then combined with other animal-free, natural or man-made materials tailored towards the application.

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