Continuing my investigation of airports, I was inspired by the book The Modern Airport Terminal: New Approaches to Airport Architecture by Brian Edwards. I found the images contained within this book so compelling because I feel that airports are crucially important spaces that often go overlooked by society. They are in fact beautiful, functional and monolithic structures that bring together and connect people from every walk of life from every part of the world. The Modern Airport focuses primarily on describing the shape and structure airports must take to accommodate the millions of passengers who fly through them. 

The author, Brian Edwards, does a good job of distilling these thoughts: “Conceptually, an airport is structured like a town, and the terminal buildings are its public buildings. Inside, the bustle of movement of people from different regions and at different stages of their journey provides a spectacle. The function of terminals is to celebrate these activities, to raise the spirit, to enhance the anticipation of air travel."

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